By  Sam Shah 02:05 am June 09, 2022
The pandemic has forced major investment in digital health to help expand and create solutions that support patients and healthcare professionals through one of the most challenging times in history says Prof Sam Shah, Founder Faculty of Future Health, CoMD with Ulster University, visiting faculty UCL Global Business School for Health and HIMSS22...
By  Dr Harriet Bradley 05:11 am October 15, 2021
There is much more we can do to help people access the care they need and one benefit of the past year and a half has been a scale-up of digital tools, says Dr Harriet Bradley, UK medical director of Livi.
By  Tim Andrews 01:06 am October 13, 2021
Digital health technologies are connected as a group through their primary delivery model – digital – yet technologies vary widely in complexity, application and associated risk says ORCHA's Chief Operating Officer, Tim Andrews.
By  Paulus Torkki 01:59 am March 10, 2021
Value-based care implies radical, even disruptive changes to the current practice, say Paulus Torkki, associate professor of healthcare operations management at University of Helsinki and Marianna Imenokhoeva, founder of LinktoMedicine and HIMSS Future50 Leader. 
By  Sam Shah 07:41 am November 23, 2020
Across the world, men die about five years earlier than women. Yet men’s health, health inequalities experienced by men and poor access to services is not something that many policymakers naturally focus on says Prof. Sam Shah, global digital adviser and chief medical strategy officer, Numan Health.
By  Joost Bruggeman 02:09 am July 10, 2020
The global workforce need the right tools as they continue to engage one of the greatest threats of our time with the resurgence of the coronavirus in China and marked increase in positive cases found in the US, says Joost Bruggeman, co-founder and CEO of Siilo.
By  Matt Fenech 02:05 am July 06, 2020
COVID-19 has sparked significant change across healthcare and healthtech. Digital health adoption rates have accelerated, as organisations around the world recognise the immense value of digital tools, argues Matt Fenech, medical safety lead at Ada Health.
By  Aline Noizet 02:43 am June 30, 2020
Mental health problems have been a rising issue globally over the past decade due to an ever more demanding society, in addition to the exponential increase in the use of social media, as reported by the American Psychological Association. Digital health connector, Aline Noizet, takes a closer look at some of the emerging tools available to those...