Sam Shah

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By  Sam Shah 02:05 am June 9, 2022
Despite more than £3 billion invested in digital health companies to support their growth, it can still be incredibly difficult for young businesses to build sustainable solutions. Little progress has been made towards streamlining the landscape to make it easier for startups and scale-ups to thrive and the likes of Push Doctor, Hospify and Pando are just a few startups that have hit the...
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By  Sam Shah 07:41 am November 23, 2020
About the author: Prof Sam Shah is a global digial adviser, ex director of digital transformation at the NHS and currently chief medical strategy officer at Numan Health.  Recent findings show that three out of four men don't go to the doctor when something is wrong. Men are more likely to get cancer, heart disease and become overweight, and are more prone to smoking, drinking, and abusing drugs...